Jump Box

This jump box will be your best choice to strengthen your lower body. That will increase endurance in quads, calves, and hamstrings. It is the best workout partner to increase the power in your legs.

Our jump boxes have the most durable materials to handle constant practice. Hence you are able to jump as long as you can without worrying about its safety.

Weight Options

4KG 6KG 8KG 10KG 12KG 16KG
MOQ : 20 Pieces Price : $49 - $69
‌53 x 22 x 26cm (Height, Length, Width)
PVC Leather
Weight Options
5GK, 10KG, 15KG, 20KG, 25KG
Filling Materials
Iron Sand & Polypropylene Cotton

Customization Options




Poweraptor provides fully customizable fitness equipment, which will help you to brand them with your logos and colors. You can add your own flavor to them for resale use, making them your perfect brand in the market. Our equipment is of the highest quality that can thrive in any market you place them in. You just have to send your logs and brand names to us. So, we can personalize them to your equipment. There will be no issues when it’s come to deployment because we hand all the rights to your branded equipment back to you for reselling purposes. We will help you to bring in more profits than you can ever imagine. Therefore, purchase our fully customized products today at wholesale value and enjoy the finest fitness equipment you can ever find!
“Your service decides how long you can thrive and so we work together to create a memorable experience with every purchase!”
Lei Zhang
foam ply jump box with poweraptor logo

Why Ours

Looking to power-up your leg muscles? Jump Box is the ideal choice. But why ours over others? Poweraptor jumping box has long lasting material that can withstand power jumps without breaking out or being cut easily. You don’t have to change your jump box every few months for breakouts and damages as poweraptor jumping box is durable and can remain to be a happy workout partner for long.
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Build To Last Long

Poweraptors are scrupulously working to sculpt the best equipment for the fitness industry. For us – Creation comes in first and we encourage innovative designs from all poweraptors and also our clients. Figuring out the make of your design is a part of our passion oriented job and that’s all the more reason for us to encourage futuristic fitness equipment designs from our precious clients. We manufacture your orders in bulk quantities and ship to all corners of the world in safe and convenient passages closing the order in all the contentment.


The designs are impeccable yet, the make of the products makes a real big difference. Safety of the user is a thorough concern of ours and manoeuvring a unique combination of high – quality raw materials allows us to secure the safety concern. PVC leather is incorporated in large part of the make combined with iron Sand and also Polypropylene cotton. These materials are very user friendly when put together in the make of our fitness products as they are – easy to maintain and clean – Strong & long lasting – rust free texture and also very much resistant to abrasion and harsh cuts.

What Our Customers Say

Freddy Brannon – Serene Cardio

Thank you poweraptor for a great purchasing experience! I’m really happy to have licensed you to do my major designs for my latest fitness equipment line. Everything came out fast and awesome!

Sara Wallace – Studio Sprint Gym Gallery

My brand logo required a lot of care when recreating it on fitness equipment I ordered. You did a nice job and I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you guys!

Hou Jingyun – Fitness Stripe

As a company we always pick goodies that have high selling potential. We get hold of that confidence with innovative products that are of high quality and poweraptor delivered those standards we always look for.

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Get a hold of our products today and enjoy your workouts with the best and safe equipment in the market. For more information regarding wholesale purchase, contact the following details and get hold of our trusted support team.

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Get a hold of our products today and enjoy your workouts with the best and safe equipment in the market. For more information regarding wholesale purchase, contact the following details and get hold of our trusted support team.