A safe design to shape your body

We Poweraptors lead the industry designing and mass-producing fitness and strength equipment. Our equipment is produced with a safety-oriented design process ensuring a safe workout for everybody. All poweraptor fitness and strength equipment have their supreme quality material in their make and we have been offered with ISO9001 quality standards certification guaranteeing that quality just right.

Based in the Rizhao city of Shangdong – we create easy passages to ship our products to our 10,000+ clients from around the world as we make custom branded fitness equipment encapsulating particulars of your unique brand. As a renowned and an adored brand of experts in the fitness industry, we have been able to mass-produce an array of fitness and strength equipment since 2007 and still reign the industry for high–quality products tailor-made to ensure 200% satisfaction of our massive clientele.


Our Mission

Designing and manufacturing safe fitness and strength equipment to create a community in shape


Our Vission

To continue to reign the fitness industry as the no one dealer for fitness and strength equipment.


Why Us

We are driven by our mission in passion to ensure a safety workout for you in every single piece we produce.

Inside Our Office Space

Inside Our Factory Space

Our factory is home to 100 skilled workers working within 20000 ㎡ of space. They are dedicated to bringing you Fitness and Exercise Equipment made with superior material. The design and manufacturing process takes into account the importance of safety, durability, quality, portability and innovation for our clients.

Our Production Process

There’s a lot going into converting our unique raw materials like PVC leather, Iron Sand and Polypropylene Cotton into poweraptor fitness equipment. We have a dedicated team working and combining multiple other processes from accumulating raw materials to finally putting out an amazing product for you.

Premium Products at Affordable Prices

Looking for quality products at competitive prices? We offer a premium line of products for the current market. We also provide luxury service with easy shipment passages to your country.