Why Is It Important To Buy Taekwondo Sparring Gear For Kids

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Taekwondo is a famous martial art that many practices without an age gap. Because it is such a popular combat sport in recent times, many people have started practicing it. And most of the time, many children also show great interest in this martial art. Therefore one of the most important factors that many consider before they try or let their children try this martial art is its safety. So to answer all these questions, we thought about writing this post. And it will help you to buy the best taekwondo sparring gear for kids. Also, it will tell you the importance of why you should have these safety gear for you or your children.

But before finding out why you should wear them, let’s find out what these safety gear are specifically. Because it will give you a better understanding of these safety gear and why they are a must-have in this combat sport. And also, you will know what exactly you need to buy when selecting taekwondo sparring gear for kids.

What is taekwondo sparring gear for kids?

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In a set of taekwondo sparring gear for kids, 5 main pieces cover the crucial parts of our bodies. And it helps the user to protect their body from grave injuries that can leave permanent damage. So it has become a must to wear this gear when sparring. And the same rules apply to adults as well since age does not matter when it comes to injuries. Therefore let’s find out these pieces and how they help protect your children from harm.

1. Head guard

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Trauma to the head is a serious risk you can find in any combative sport or martial art. And that is why you see head guards in almost any combat sports you can find except a few. So it is the same case when it comes to taekwondo as well since it also requires the user to wear a head guard while sparring. And especially for kids, this can avoid many injuries to the head since their bodies are still developing, unlike adults. For that reason, taekwondo sparring gear for kids is a must-have at any gym or dojo that practices this sport.

2. Chest guard

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The internal organs we have near our chest area are some of the most important parts of our body. And if damages were to occur due to strong kicks and punches from your opponent will cause grave injuries if they aren’t any protection. Especially for kids, these areas are a must to protect since they are still developing, unlike adults who have strong upper bodies compared to them. But still, these chest guards can be helpful for adults as well. So this piece is an important part you can see in any high-quality taekwondo sparring gear for kids you can find on the market.

3. Elbow guard

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Elbow guards protect the arm and people use them to guard as well in taekwondo. It can guard you against strong kicks and cushion the blow helping you to take less damage. And also, these guards help reduce the damage you cause from strong elbow strikes as well. Since a strong elbow strike can be lethal for any person whether they are an adult or a child. And with a combination of these reasons, the elbow guard has become a key piece of a set of taekwondo sparring gear for kids. So if you are planning to buy a set, then make sure they have an elbow guard.

4. Groin guard

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Damages to the groin area can be lethal if they aren’t protected. And that is why every set of sparring gear contains a groin guard for both males and females. Especially when it comes to taekwondo where participants can use both strong kicks and punches these guards are highly effective. Since there is a high chance of the punches and kicks getting misdirected towards the groin area. However, wearing this guard can help reduce the damage the wearer takes while sparring.

5. Leg/shin guard

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Since Taekwondo is a martial art that mainly focuses on strong kicks, these legs or shin guards are a must-have. Because it helps the wearer to reduce the continuous strain their legs go through while sparring. And it can also help guard your legs against the opponent’s kicks as well. Especially for kids who are still in training, these guards can help protect their bones from fractures and even breakage. For that reason, leg guards have become so important that there is no taekwondo sparring gear for kids in the market without them.

After going through the above gear, you can understand how important they are for children who practice taekwondo. And that is why many martial arts gyms try to provide them for recruits who come to their gym. So if you are also an owner who is planning to do so, then make sure you find the right supplier. Since not all in the market provide a good and quality product. However, you are already at one of the best places to buy taekwondo sparring gear and all types of other fitness products.

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